Jolie Afghan Hounds

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Ch. Xenos Coveted x Ch. Cynergy's Bella Luna Davina

Dolce at 5.5 months old

Katia at 5.5 Months old




Dolce:  Jolie Prosecco

Katia:  Jolie Pisolino


  Roxy:  Jolie Pizzicato




Dolce & Katia at 12 weeks old



 A few pictures taken at 7 weeks:  April 05. 2010 


Orange and Black Collar Male (Dustin) 


Orange Collar Female (Katia)

Black and White Collar Female (Ivana)

Yellow Collar Female (Dolce)


6 week old pictures taken March 29. 2010 

The Boys...

Green Collar Male--Jolie Paparazzi "Tiger"

Red Brindle Male--Jolie Padrone "Speedy" 

Orange and Black Collar Male--Jolie Pagliaccio "Dustin"



Yellow Collar Female--Jolie Prosecco "Dolce"

Black and White Collar Female--Jolie Pavone " Ivana"

Pink Collar Female--Jolie Prelibato


Blue Collar Female--Jolie Pettegola

Purple and White Collar Female--Jolie Piccante

Orange Collar Female--Jolie Pisolino "Katia"

Pink and Black Collar Female--Jolie Pizzicato "Roxy"

First time outside in the grass!


Pink and black girl playing with her friend Hershey, the Mini Dachshund!

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